Demo Content

This tutorial will help you create demo content just like our demo in just few minutes.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you step by step process on how to install ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin and import the demo files using this plugin.

Warning: Importing demo data will replace your current theme options, content and widget settings. Importing data is recommended on fresh installs only. Importing on sites with content or importing twice will duplicate menus, pages and all posts.

If your site already have some unwanted content but you wish to clean it up then you can use this plugin WordPress Reset. Remember this plugin will wipe out your database bring it back to a state when you first installed WordPress and switch the theme to default theme If there is nothing to lose go ahead and after resetting switch the default theme to our theme.

Before importing the demo content, make sure following plugin(s) is installed and active

  1. Site Origin Page Builder

Okay, if you are ready, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • First of all, download ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin from here. Download
  • You will get the zip file of the plugin.
  • Now log in to your dashboard. Go to Plugins->Add New->Upload Plugin.


  • Click on Browse and Navigate to your zip file of ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin and click Install Now.
  • Activate the plugin.


The first half part is done. The next thing you need to do is download the demo content for the theme.

For this go to this link Download Demo Content You will get zip file. Unzip it and you will get two files one is .xml and another is .json file.

Step 1:

  • Now Go to your dashboard menu Tools->Import and click on ThemeGrill Demo Data


  • First you need to upload the xml file(.xml). Click on Browse and navigate to theme-name.xml file you just downloaded a moment ago.
  • Click Upload file and import button


Step 2:

  • Now you will again be asked to upload JSON file( .json )


  • Click on Browse and navigate to the theme-name.json file.
  • Click Upload file and import button.

Depending on your internet speed it will take few minutes and if everything goes well you will see this message


All done. That was easy. Have fun!

Okay everything done that’s fine. Your demo content is already imported have a look.

Although this behavior listed below are rare in clean install . If by any chance your site doesn’t look like our demo after installing demo content then this could be the reasons.

  • It is always recommended to install these demo content on a clean install only. Importing on sites with content or importing twice will duplicate menus, pages and all posts and will replace current theme options, sliders and widget settings.
  • Sometimes post id, page id, menu id might change when importing xml file. WordPress importer by default works this way. In such case your demo might not look exactly like our and you may have to reselect the appropriate page, post, category and menu your self.

Well that’s it. If you have any confusion you can put it on our support forum.